Burying Your Head in the Sand?

Sacrificing your weekends? Working past midnight in the lead up to tax time? Burying your head in the sand because tax is an unpleasant thing and something to be avoided if possible?

EOFY 2017 means it is soon time to submit your tax returns.

Contact Ausena Accountants for the latest tips and advice to make sure you are claiming your full deductions and aware of all your entitlements.

Request your appointment so we can help you achieve the best tax and financial outcome that may exist for you and to ensure you are compliant as we enter FY 2018.

Be sure to talk to us about your activities and what your aspirations are. You can get advice as to how tax is impacting your business and how you can structure your business more tax effectively going forward.

Talk to Ausena Accountants and discover the significant upsides – Happy End of Financial Year!!


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